The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast
The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast is hosted by J. Warner Wallace, cold-case detective, Adjunct Professor of Apologetics at Biola University and author of Cold-Case Christianity (A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels). Jim examines the case for the Christian Worldview from an investigative, evidential perspective. With the rules of evidence clearly in mind and over 25 years’ experience as an investigator, Jim examines the case for the existence of God, the reality of dualism, the reliability of the Biblical text, and the deity of Jesus. Join us each week as Jim sorts through the evidence for the Christian Worldview, and please visit our website at

In this podcast, Jim responds to an atheist objection related to the "hidden" nature of God. If God exists, why would he hide in the way that he apparently does? Why wouldn't God just come right out and make it obvious to everyone that He exists? Jim also answers listener email related to John Chapter 7, and responds to a listener who has doubts about the Genesis account and the age of the earth.

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In this podcast, Jim reviews two episodes of "30 Days" and talks about media efforts to influence people who hold a Christian Worldview. Jim plays a number of clips from the show and discusses the power that media has to advance pluralism and relativism in our culture.

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In this podcast, Jim takes a short sick leave (he's down with the flu) as he airs a past interview with Brett McCracken. Jim did this interview a few weeks ago when he was guest hosting the Stand to Reason Radio Show. Brett talks about the impact that the desire to be "hip" (or "cool") has on the character of the Church. What happens to the nature of Christianity when we seek to make it hip? Brett also talked about the nature of worship.

In this podcast, Jim examines the common atheist objection: "Who Created God"? Is there a reasonable response to this question? In addition, Jim takes a look at the top 10 Christian Trends of 2010 as identified by Charisma Magazine.