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The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast is hosted by J. Warner Wallace, cold-case detective, Adjunct Professor of Apologetics at Biola University and author of Cold-Case Christianity (A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels). Jim examines the case for the Christian Worldview from an investigative, evidential perspective. With the rules of evidence clearly in mind and over 25 years’ experience as an investigator, Jim examines the case for the existence of God, the reality of dualism, the reliability of the Biblical text, and the deity of Jesus. Join us each week as Jim sorts through the evidence for the Christian Worldview, and please visit our website at
PCM Podcast 205 – A Post Rapture Email Podcast

In this podcast, Jim addresses the false prophecy of Harold Camping and answers a number of listener emails related to numerology and hidden codes in the Bible, Ray Comfort and the Way of the Master Ministry, Calvinism and election, and the reliability of the Gospels as eyewitness accounts.

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A Loving God would love all of His creation, right? Wouldn’t He make sure that everyone goes to Heaven (regardless of what they might believe in this life)? A loving God would never limit Heaven to a select few and allow billions of people to suffer in Hell, would He? Jim responds to these objections and answers listener email related to Christian “essentials”, the appropriate response to fallen teachers and the nature of “debate” as it relates to Richard Dawkins and William Lane Craig.

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If God is all-loving, why doesn’t he “reform” people rather than simply “punish” them in Hell? Skeptics sometimes argue that a God who simply punishes his children in Hell is a sadistic and vengeful God, unworthy of our worship. Jim responds to this objection and answers listener email related to the nature of “election”, the evidence for “annihilationism”, and a political quote related to same sex marriage.

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Isn’t it unfair for God to penalize people who are otherwise good, just because they haven’t heard about Jesus? A good God would not send good people to Hell. Jim responds to this objection and answers listener email related to the Craig/Harris debate, pre-existing mythologies that are similar to Jesus, and the difficult, exclusive nature of “election”.

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