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The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

Dec 26, 2012

In this podcast, Jim provides four good reasons to trust a courtroom over a laboratory when trying to determine what happened in the past. In addition, Jim answers email regarding the image of God and the challenge the Church is facing in the growing secular age.

Dec 18, 2012

In this podcast, Jim discusses the Newtown massacre and encourages listeners to take a balanced and measured approach to issues of mental illness, gun control laws and the role of religious belief in public schools that will certainly be raised in the days and weeks to come. Jim also discusses the Christian response to...

Dec 11, 2012

In this podcast, Jim discusses the requirements of a good Christian Case Maker with an analogy from the courtroom. Good jurors make good Christian Case Makers. Jim also examines several passages of Scripture to evaluate the nature of “faith” as it is described in the New Testament. Is Christian faith to be “blind”?

Dec 4, 2012

In this podcast, Jim discusses the general apathy that sometimes exists in the church related to apologetics and offers an analogy to help explain the dilemma. Jim also talks about the special calling each of us has to be a Christian Case Maker. Listener email includes a discussion about the proper demeanor of an...

Nov 27, 2012

In this podcast, Jim discusses the difference between conversation, interview and interrogation as he demonstrates their value in spiritual...