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The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

Apr 25, 2012

In this podcast, Jim reads a listener letter challenging his prior use of analogies when make the pro-life case. What kinds of analogies are reasonable when discussing the nature of fetal humans? Jim also discusses the alleged immorality of Old Testament laws.

Apr 16, 2012

In this podcast, Jim answers listener email related to the reliability of the Biblical account of Jesus. In the wake of Bart Ehrman’s recent ebook, “Did Jesus Exist?” Jim reviews the historical evidence for Jesus’ existence and talks about pre-Christian mythologies that resemble Jesus. Jim also discusses the...

Apr 9, 2012

In this podcast, Jim plays a recent comprehensive training session on the history and nature of Islam. Joe Carey from Radical Truth trained the members of recent Muslim Missions Trip led by Alan Shlemon (of Stand to Reason). This special 2-hour edition of the PCM Podcast contains Joe’s training in its entirety.