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The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

Jan 12, 2022

Why should we trust what the gospel authors have to say about Jesus? How can we test the Gospel authors to see if their accounts are reliable? J. Warner answers these questions in this video from a stage presentation from his book, Cold-Case Christianity.

Mar 10, 2021

Everyone says they want to be happy, but happiness seems elusive to many of us. What can make us happy, and why do so few people seem to recognize it? J. Warner tackles these questions as he examines what research tells us about happiness in this episode of the NRBtv Cold-Case Christianity...

Jan 5, 2021

Can we trust the Bible is as an actual historical account of events? What about the miracles? Do we have to take those as historical facts? Doesn't archaeology and science disprove the historicity of the Bible? In this interview on the Bibledingers Podcast, J. Warner answers these questions...

Feb 8, 2018

In this previously recorded radio interview from The Ride Home with John and Kathy on WORDFM in Pittsburgh, J. Warner discusses the ancient non-canonical documents describing Jesus. Should the existence of these documents cause us to doubt what the Biblical account says about Jesus? If the non-canonical documents...