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The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

Apr 26, 2023

Why does truth matter when deciding on a worldview? Is Christian belief simply wishful thinking or a matter of opinion? In this week’s podcast, J. Warner posts his opening night comments from this year’s Reality Student Apologetics Conference hosted by Stand to Reason.

Apr 19, 2023

Can our country exist without strong local police agencies? Why is law enforcement so critical to culture? Does Christianity have anything to say about this issue? In this podcast, Bill Arnold interviews J. Warner about the role and value of law enforcement from a Christian worldview.

Apr 12, 2023

What can we do to better equip the next generation to know the truth and stand confidently in their Christian faith? In this week's Cold-Case Christianity Podcast, J. Warner discusses the future of Christianity with James Werner from Generation...

Apr 5, 2023

Is there an opportunity for all of us to become better Christian Case Makers? What challenges face us when we make a case for Christianity? In this week's Cold-Case Christianity Podcast, J. Warner airs the live YouTube conversation from last year's CrossExamined Instructor's Academy with Frank Turek, Bobby Conway, Jorge...