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The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

Aug 17, 2022

What one decision has most impacted your life? Every thought about that question? In this podcast, J. Warner talks with Joe Amaral, author of Get Off Your Ash, about the role that priorities, choices, and decisions play in shaping our...

Aug 10, 2022

Can Christianity answer common questions and objections leveled by an increasingly skeptical culture?  In this podcast, J. Warner Wallace joins J.P. Moreland, Craig Hazen and Eric Hernandez to answer audience questions after the 2022 [un]apologetics Conference in Orange, Texas.  

Jun 29, 2022

In this presentation from a Christian Apologetics Conference, J. Warner examines the case for a “Forensic Faith” and describes an evidential approach toward examining and proclaiming the Gospel.

Jun 22, 2022

J. Warner talks about the role of apologetics, the state of the Church, and the nature of Gen Z skeptics and believers with Ayo Tunde, the impressive young apologist and host of The Third Apology YouTube Channel.

Jun 15, 2022

In this stage presentation from an apologetics conference, J. Warner examines the appearance of fine-tuning in the cosmological conditions and constants of the universe. Can this fine-tuning be explained by anything other than God? Is the fine-tuning simply an observational phenomenon? Is God the best explanation?